Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Social Networking Site in 2010 Makes Big Promises

Coming in fall of 2010, is claiming t“Change the Landscape of Social Networking”. The main difference in this site and sites like Facebook or Twitter is that they are based on content, not based on user. From what I understand, you post photos, videos and tidbits of your day on the site using an avatar instead of revealing your identity. 

I have a hard time with this concept as a business tool if users are anonymous, but can see it being popular with teens and young adults. I think a lot of the appeal of social networking sites is wanting to be heard and a certain level of liking to hear yourself talk. I can say that because I love to be heard, love to hear myself talk and love social networking. What would not appeal to me, is anonymously spouting off bits of information to strangers who will never know that I am the genius behind such great thoughts, the taker of such amazing pictures or the person who is experiencing the "something cool" that is all about. As a business tool, it is hard to network effectively or advertise strategically if you do not know the identity of the user on the other side.  

I guess like all things, we can only wait to see what happens. It could very well change everything! If so, I will happily jump on board and start telling the world about my own something  cool. 

Check out to register for a chance to get in the beta program or for a shirt.


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