Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010: A Big Year for Me, Social Media and Mark Zuckerburg

2010 has been a huge year for me, both professionally and personally. I quit my full time, stable marketing job to pursue a side project full time and turned it into Twigg Marketing. I named it, built it a Web site and brought on new clients. I struggled with staying motivated, working from home and having no co-workers to distract me (except my insane dogs, who are a HUGE distraction). I also got engaged to the best man in the whole world. Basically, its gonna be  a tough year to top.

2010 has also been a huge year for social media, especially for Facebook, especially for Mark Zuckerburg.  He was named Time Magazines Person of the Year, had a movie made(roughly) about his rise to fame, and is now rolling around in bed full of money.

What else happened in social media this year? The ipad, the iphone 4, the android, "checking in" on your social media platforms, what seems like 23 different Facebook interfaces, the oldest Facebook user turned 103, countless celebrities made fools of themselves. The list goes on.

2010 was also a huge year for businesses to get further involved in social media. Small companies finally made fan pages, large companies got serious with their strategy, EVERYONE is beginning to see it as a value add to their marketing plan. But, we are all still learning. Here is a chart of the biggest mistakes being made with social media by marketers.

So, to review: I have had a phenomenal year, social media has had a phenomenal year, Mark Zuckerburg has had a phenomenal year.  Businesses are still learning how to use social media effectively to grow their businesses. All we can do, in 2011 and beyond, is use social media to grow, make new connections, build our brands and, hopefully, make our bank accounts look a little more like Zuckerburg's.

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Great blog! I agree - social media not only grew this year, but it seems like it grew up too. It's no longer the wild west of marketing, it's become a core part of any solid marketing plan.

    Robbie Stevens

  2. Robbie-
    Thanks for your comment and for reading. It truly has moved to become a core part of marketing and I am READY to see what 2011 brings!