Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday already?

If only I was as productive all week as I am on Monday mornings. Sunday nights I have quite a bit of anxiety about the upcoming week so I lay in bed and make lists and plans for the upcoming day in my head.   So Monday mornings I accomplish about 234 things that I had planned the night before.  Anxiety breeds productivity for me.

I found a very helpful blog post of how to bring your blog to facebook via NetworkedBlogs on Weblog of scwindt-pr agency. It is just another social media avenue to get your message out to the masses.

My brother found a really cool  site to create web pages on that has a ton of modern templates and easy to use, so I feel like I am going to scrap what I have been working on and make the move over to So far I have found it really helpful. I do need to look into if it is SEO friendly.

So webpage making is my plan today. Not my favorite activity, but totally beats brick laying or breaking rocks. Hope everyone has a productive Monday.

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