Friday, May 7, 2010

This is JUST the beginning

Hello world! As you may have read in my info I am a marketing professional based in San Antonio, Texas looking to strike out on my own. After working with and marketing for small and medium sized companies, I have seen an OVERWHELMING need for social media training and management: I want to help these companies use social media to grow their businesses, connect with their clients and build their brands. You will hear much more on this as you continue to read my blog. I also plan to post the latest news on social media, examples of companies who are using it correctly and maybe a little bit of pop culture thrown in.

Before all of that good stuff, I will be documenting the journey and challenges I face trying to get this business off of the ground! So far I have done a ton of research, fruitlessly worked on my website, had a logo designed by the talented Patty Mascorro, and ordered my business cards:

Obviously I have a lot left to do and I hope this blog will help keep me...accountable in a way. It will force me to take an honest look at what I am doing and see where and how I can work better. Advice, critique and compliments are always welcome. Better get back to it.


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