Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Sweet it is!

Great couple of days this week. Yesterday I ventured downtown to the county court house in order to  get my assumed name filed so that Twigg Marketing can become my official operating name. Very exciting stuff! Seems like things are REALLY coming together and I could not be more excited.
In social media news, ice cream giant Ben and Jerry's dropped email marketing in favor of a strong social media stategy including Facebook, Twitter and tasty iphone apps including "Scoop of Happiness" and "Moo Vision." Read the full scoop on how they are going to build their business using social media:

I love ice cream puns: can you tell?  I also love reading stuff like this and thinking to myself SOMEBODY gets it! This is such an exciting and game changing time in marketing! Social media can truly change the way we do business! 

Now I am in the mood for some Phish Food or Cherry Garcia.


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